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ATTENTION ALL HOCKEY PEOPLE NOT PLAYING IN 2021: Devonport Hockey Club needs you!

Most people haven’t given the idea of coaching much thought. Even though they’ve taken a season off the field. Or decided to retire from playing altogether.

You’re busy with work, or your kids, or grandkids. Perhaps you think you don’t have the right skills? Or think you won’t be able to commit to the training sessions and games?

But let’s face it. A hockey team will always perform better, and achieve more, with a coach.

It’s no secret that we want our players, our teams, and our club to be awesome. That’s why we want you to consider coaching one of our senior teams.

Your support will make a huge difference to our senior players. And you don’t need to have top hockey skills or be the best player to make a difference. You just have to care. 

Indeed, the weekly training sessions are where you’ll be able to pass on your valuable knowledge to the players. Particularly our younger, upcoming players. Because giving the gift of your time and skill is rewarding beyond measure.

Not only that, but game days are when you’ll see it all come together. Your coaching means that games will run more smoothly. And you’ll be able to spot the team strengths and flaws like no player on the field can.

Have you ever sat on the sidelines shouting your encouragement (and perhaps also muttering advice under your breath)? You’ll now be able to use that enthusiasm and insight to make a difference.

As a valued coach, the Devonport Hockey Club will support you in a variety of different ways so you’re never out of pocket. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, coaching is ultimately a voluntary role. However, volunteers are not paid because you’re worthless, but because you are priceless.

Take advantage of this chance to become a DHC coach in 2021.

We want to hear from you!

To find out more, call Sharlene on 0419 367 433

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